The Practice

In Practice

I will be open and honest with you throughout your journey. Word on the street, is that I am a balanced therapist. I am humanistic, in that I am one human coming along side another human to offer empathy, nurturing, encouragement and hope! However, when necessary, I will reflect back to you the thoughts that may be creating anxiety, depression and confusion in your life. These reflections are not always easy to acknowledge or accept. The good news is that I’m not afraid of your worries and fears. I have been doing therapy for many years and have yet to lose hope for change. If you are sitting with me you have already demonstrated the courage it takes to heal and restore. I am here to provide a safe neutral ground for individuals and families to share their feelings and discover their strengths.

In Treatment

I believe that what we think determines how we feel, act and react (behave). My approach will be you help you to look at your thoughts and how they affect your feelings and thus your behavior. Together we will come up with a plan for change that you can live with, based upon your strengths, needs, hopes and desires. My education, training and experience enable me to offer effective ways to decrease your confusion and increase your ability to cope with your particular life stressors.

My Commitment

My commitment is to engage you in the belief that you have everything within you to live your best life. I will carry your hope, for you, while revealing to you how to navigate this life with grace, dignity and power! My goal is to enable you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.